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I’m changing things up

Harry Hamburg
Harry Hamburg
2 min read

I’ve had a few people emailing in over the last couple of weeks saying they don’t like the new format of mostly covering the news and releasing a premium or free issue every week.

The main gist of the emails is, don’t talk about non-crypto stuff – like the UK omnishambles – and give us more insight and less news.

So that’s what I’m going to do.

From now on, we’ll go back to one premium issue and one free issue per month.

The premium issue will either be a crypto deep dive (which should never be taken as investment advice), an in-depth feature on a core crypto area like DeFi, NFTs, regulation, etc. or an update on previous deep dives.

In the next premium issue, for example, I’m going to look over how development is going with all the cryptos I’ve previously done deep dives on (or most of them, at least).

Then the free issue will continue to be crypto news based. But it will be more in-depth because I won’t be writing it every week. So overall, I’ll cover fewer but more interesting and more important stories.

In the next free issue, for example, I’m going to look at how things are going in six key areas of crypto: DeFi, NFTs, hacking, regulation, current prices and future outlook.

The new schedule will be:

Premium issue – 1st full weekend of the month.

Free issue – 3rd full weekend of the month.

I hope you enjoy the changes. I think they will make this service much more useful and much more interesting for you to read.

So if you’re a premium subscriber, you’ll next be hearing from me on Sunday the 6th of November. And if you’re a free subscriber, you’ll next be hearing from me on Sunday the 20th of November.

Until then…

Thanks for reading.


Full disclosure: At time of writing, I held the following cryptos: Ethereum, IOTA, Radix, Mina Protocol, Aleph Zero.

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Harry Hamburg

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