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Deep dive updates

What's the point of having a great product if no one is using it?

Harry Hamburg
Harry Hamburg
15 min read
Deep dive updates
Betamax fighting VHS in a jungle, with the help of Dall-E.

Everyone loves to recite the Betamax vs VHS story.

The story goes… Betamax was the superior product, but VHS won because it gained more customers.

The truth is that VHS was arguably the better product.

While Betamax had slightly better picture quality (neither was exactly stellar in this department) it could only record for one hour.

Whereas VHS could record for two.

So you could fit a movie on a VHS tape, but you couldn’t on a Betamax.

But let’s not let the truth get in the way of a good story.

The story is… Betamax was the better product, but it lost.

And the lesson is… it doesn’t matter how good your product is, if no one’s using it.

Which brings me to the theme of this month’s issue.

I’m giving you an update on most of the cryptos I’ve written deep dives on over the last couple of years.

For the more established cryptos I’ll mainly report on their adoption… hence the story above.

And for the cryptos-in-progress, we’ll look at their progress.

Then at the end of the issue, I’ll let you know which crypto I’ll be doing a deep dive into next month.

But just before we get going, I should clarify something.

When I do a deep dive on a crypto, it’s not a recommendation to invest in it. As I often say, I’m not an investment adviser, or a lawyer, or an accountant, or anything remotely like that. I’m just a journalist, and I write about crypto.

I like to do deep dives into crypto projects that seem interesting, are getting over hyped, or are doing something that could change the world.

I look into them like a journalist, not like an investment analyst. And even if I come out impressed by a project, that doesn’t mean I think you, or anyone else should invest in it.

I write about this stuff because I genuinely believe it will change the world – for the better. And what’s more interesting than that?

So, have any of the cryptos I’ve looked into changed the world yet? Let’s find out…

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